3D fitting room in your online store

Increase sales with the help of unique digital technology

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Breakthrough in
online shopping

Our key advantages will help you
take your business to the next level

  • Ease of technology

    You don’t need to create expensive infrastructure to use 3D technology,
    we will integrate it into your website

  • Economy on logistics

    Decrease the number of returns
    of the wrong-sized items

  • Safe purchases during
    the pandemic

    You can try on an item
    without leaving home

  • Virtual fitting room

    Build a ready-made fitting room
    into your website

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Who will
from our service

backside shape Phone, tablet, laptop
  • Online marketplace of clothing
  • Online boutiques
  • Designer studio websites
  • Clothing manufacturers
  • Sewing companies

Your 3D fitting room
can look like this

Размер - S
  • Customization

    Interior design of the fitting room
    to fit the style of your store

  • Remoteness

    Virtual fitting room from
    any corner of the world

  • Details

    Mirror to view
    in 2 dimensions

  • Variations

    Choice of size, pattern/ color,
    combination of multiple items

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How it works?

  1. Receive clothing
    for digitization

    You provide us
    with clothing samples
    for processing

  2. Digitize clothing
    and create 3D models

    We take all the technical aspects,
    transforming your product
    into functional 3D models

  3. Incorporate the
    3D-VIEW button
    onto your website

    All you have to do is create
    a button onto your website
    for the transfer to
    the virtual fitting room

Would you like to know how this would work in your situation?

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What will benefit
your sales?

  • Uniqueue utilities
    on your website

  • Advantageous difference
    from competitors

  • An attractive option,
    prompting a customer
    to the decision to purchase

  • Increase of customer
    loyalty and trust

3d gear
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What will
your customers get?

Пример страницы товара
  • Confidence in product choice
  • Live-view of clothing from all sides
  • The ability to virtually fit clothing of the correct size and color
  • Access to the 3D-VIEW function from any device
3d render

Compare 2D and 3D clothing

Sad emoji
Flat image inadequately represents the item. Customers are more doubtful.
Cheerful emoji
Display of clothing on a mannequin with volume looks better. It is easier to try on yourself.
Limited time offer

Receive up to 5
models for free

Free scanning of up to 5 models of clothing,
and integration of our service onto your platform

*Offer for new clients